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Although the invention of technology is very helpful and important in the human world, too much of it causes a void in many peoples’ lives. In her essay “Technology is great-but people still need human contact”, Barbara Bartlein compellingly supports the fact that the loss of face to face communication is the loss of the “human moment”. The lost of that human moment has many effects on the humans’ mind, body and soul. According to Hallowell such interaction is essential for keeping our brains sharp. There are a variety of effects on the mind, for example, the loss of those human moments is one of the contributing factors to Alzheimer’s. Another example of how the loss of the human moment has an effect on the human is that the loss of face to face communication causes “little misunderstandings”. There are a lot of effects to the human due to the loss of face to face communication but these are the top effects of the lost of the human moment. Usage of the computer and certain technology could improve the brain and keeps it active. However, face to face communication also helps the brain. Many people prefer to use technology rather than face to face communication because it is quicker and is an asset to their personal/professional lives. Bartlein writes “technology has been helpful for the most part; it makes our lives better”. “Studies show that at least 70 percent of what is really being communicated between people is done nonverbally” states Barnum and N Wolniansky. When communicating it is very important to be able read physical cues, gestures and body language. We were all told once that actions speak louder than words and for it to happen, there must be face to face communication. The tone of a person’s voice can tell us a lot, but eye contact and body language tells us more. Face to face communication also stimulates our neurotransmitters. Also, when

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