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ENB 317 Lubrication assignment Benjamin Johanson n7528086 Due: 3/11/2012 Lecturer: Wijitha Senadeera Contents Introduction 4 Operating Conditions 5 Transmission System Analysis 5 Gear Train 6 Wear 6 Scuffing 7 Pitting 7 Bearings 8 Seals 9 Selection of Lubrication 10 Gear Train Lubrication Selection 10 Calculations 11 Lubricant Selection 12 Additives 13 Bearing Lubrication Selection 13 Calculations 13 Selection 16 Lubricant Delivery 16 Force feed pressure lubrication 16 Drip lubrication 17 Splash lubrication 17 Lubricant delivery selection 18 Lubricant Condition Monitoring 18 Temperature monitoring 19 Spectrographic oil analysis 19 Visual inspection 19 Condition monitoring recommendation 19 System Maintenance 20 Fault finding 20 Conclusion 22 References 23 Appendix A 24 Appendix B 26 Introduction Lubrication of mechanical components is a very important factor which must be considered during the design and operation of most machines and devices. Failure to properly lubricate a mechanical system can easily result in short life span, overheating, additional noise and vibration, and even full seizure. This can increase maintenance or repair costs. Lubrication is of particular importance when components have contact with other surfaces under high force or at high speeds, such as in the case of a gearbox, as will be examined in the following report. The gearbox for which lubrication analysis will be done has been designed and modelled in previous assessment. It is a helical gear, dual stage, coaxial gearbox designed to operate in an arctic environment for a horizontal chain conveyer system. The figures below showed the proposed design model. Figure [ 1 ] - Gear Train in Housing Figure [ 2 ] - Gearbox Design Operating Conditions A very important factor which must be considered in

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