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Unit 11 Project Part 5: Final Paper Joshua Steffen EN1420 5-22-2014 Unit 8 Project Part 4: First Draft Final Paper In this paper I am writing something that I feel has a lot of biases towards it both good and bad. As I researched my topic I realized that in some cases if not most it is nothing but putting one’s own healthy blood cells back into their own body, and in other cases players putting illegal drugs and steroids in their blood after passing drug screening. By now if you have not guessed it my topic is blood doping and blood spinning. In this paper I will state points of view both for and against this trend and also the effects it can have. In professional sports should it be legal to blood dope. Two great sporting events are about to commence. Le Tour de France and the Football World Cup. Doping will play a part in both of these. In every professional sport where doping could confer an advantage, there is doping. Even if it is not widespread and even if you don’t know about it. This is most obvious in Le Tour. Since it began in 1903, riders have used drugs to cope with the ordeal, resorting to alcohol, caffeine, cocaine, amphetamines, steroids, growth hormone, EPO and blood doping. But all sports, even the World Cup, face the drug problem. The enormous rewards for the winner, the effectiveness of the drugs and the low rate of testing all create a cheating 'game' that has proved irresistible to some athletes. It is irresistible because of human nature, and the cheating athletes are now winning. Drugs such as EPO and growth hormone are natural chemicals in the body and are hard to detect. And the task will get tougher still. Athletes have returned to simple blood doping (having their own blood donated prior to competition and re-transfused during the event), which is virtually impossible to detect if done properly. Gene doping, for example, will be

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