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quicktofinishtrafficschool.com -- The name says it all. 4/21/13 2:20 PM Status Edit Profile Table of Contents Upgrade Package Option Logout En Español Student Name: Sohrab Khadem Traffic School: Los Angeles County California TVS License Number: E1899 OC License Number: I8003430 CADMV - Part I: Recent Changes/Reasons For Traffic Laws INTRODUCTION The Purpose of This Course Welcome to QuickToFinishTrafficSchool.com. You've come to the right place. We hope you will find this course to be a fast, efficient and not too painful review of the lessons you learned the first time you got your license. This is one of the purposes of our program. Another purpose of our program may interest you more: as you undoubtedly know, once you have successfully completed this course, the citation you received will be hidden from your record. But the most important goal of Traffic School is to reduce and hopefully eliminate your traffic collision involvement and your traffic law violations. According to updated California law, only one ticket can be removed every 18 months from your driving record by using this course, so make it count and make this the last ticket you'll ever get! Don't worry, we've all done things we shouldn't have while driving; you just happened to get caught! Even though you've heard much of this before (or should have), please spend some time thinking about it, even if it doesn't apply to you directly. For example, the first section deals with changes to the law for motorcycle owners and firefighters, and you may fit into neither of those categories. But one skill we like to emphasize throughout this course is awareness - both of your own driving habits and of people around you. We hope that if you know more about the reasoning behind the California Vehicle Code, that it is a living document evolving to fit the needs of motorists

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