Ems System Abuse Essay

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System Abuse of an EMS System Every day all over the country EMS systems answer thousands of calls for help and requests for service. These range from the sprained ankle of the 10 year old who was playing sand lot football to the 20 car accident on the highway, to the request to take the elderly nursing home resident either to the hospital or back from the hospital.. Every call is important and potentially life changing. They answer these calls day in and day out, 24 hours a day with limited resources and manpower. In most large and busy EMS systems it is not uncommon to be holding and to prioritize these calls and answer the most serious first. These systems are inundated by calls for service for problems that 911 services are not needed but due to lack of education, financial concerns or conscious decisions people chose to access these life saving services for non-life threatening problems. I could address literally hundreds of examples of this and most would constitute an un-ethical practice on someone’s part but I will limit myself to abuses of the system by Nursing facilities and Homes. These facilities are staffed with trained medical personnel and have Registered Nurses on duty at all times. They have the ability to administer most if not all forms of medications ordered by physicians as well as diagnostic tests needed to identify patient illness and treat them. The problem and “abuse” comes when they do not and access the 911 system out of convenience sending the patient to the Emergency room for treatment they could have rendered. This not only places a burden on EMS system but also the receiving Emergency department. To further compound the burden, it is also passed onto the patient financially as well as society in the form of higher health insurance costs due to the financial burden placed on the Insurance provider. As an example; a hypothetical 86
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