Empowerment and Disempowerment Essay

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+ Victoria John Empowerment Empowerment is where you adapted to their need and help then and nothing else and give them the freedom of choice. Disempowerment Disempowerment is where you don’t do something to their needs an dont give them the choice of their own and do everything for them About Fred Fred is an 81 year old man who lives in a local care home. He suffer from Parkinson disease and very embarrassed when he start to shake, especially at tea time .He has no family but he is very intelligent and he gets very frustrated when it stop him from doing he’s hobbies like the garden or jigsaws .Fred very rarely goes out on visits which makes him depressed also he finds it hard to dress himself. Positive In Fred's life the positives are he is very intelligent he likes doing puzzles so that is keeping his brain working and still being intelligent.He likes doing the gardening so he is active and he doesnt just sit there all the time.Fred would like to go out on visit so he is socialable.Also Fred lives in a care home and he is surrounded by other people and not alone and he has care to help him when he needs it.He likes being independent. where Fred needs help Fred needs help to dress himself on a day to day bases like changing in to his night cloths to day clothes.He also needs help with feeding himself and having a drink so he doesnt get it all over him or every where.He needs help with doing his puzzle like if he is doing a jig saw he will need someone to guide his hand in the right place and steddy his hand also he will need help with the gardening so it looks neat and tidy and not a mess. The 3 things i will immediately do: · I would get bigger jig saw pieces so Fred will find it easyer to do his jigsaw puzzle and then he will be keeping his brain active. · Addapt the cutlery and cups for his needs like have a lid on the cups so he

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