Empowerment Essay

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Edgar Valenzuela P. 1 Mrs. Little 9-13-14 Empowerment Quote: "The empowerment process involves motivating others, providing incentives for them to participate, and grappling with difficult issues." said Timothy Brown, pg. 15 Empowerment closely aligns with the leadership topic of delegation. Delegation is leaders giving subordinates tasks to complete and timelines in which to complete them. Delegation has generally been around longer than empowerment. Empowerment is more about trusting employees to make decisions in customer service situations or other front-end situations when a manager is not available. In essence, delegation is typically more task-based while empowerment is more authority and decision based. Companies and leaders have increasingly implemented empowerment because of the benefits of empowered employees. Employees typically feel a stronger sense of ownership and worth when entrusted to make important decisions. This, in turn, makes them more productive in their roles. Customer benefits are also important. Customers who are angry or seeking resolution for a problem typically want that problem dealt with as quickly as possible and get frustrated when told that a manager is not available to help them and they will have to wait. The empowerment in leaders is the person in charge to motivate others. They participate in the other persons involvement throughout their experience. He will help the person in difficult issues to help them strive forward. Empowerment means the involvement of the harsh times and knowing that their will be a great outcome in doing so. He is hard headed and will not anything or anyone knock him down especially when others need him. In all empowerment is defined as the giving or delegation of power or authority; authorization; the giving of an ability; enablement or permission. I chose this quote because when I was growing

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