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Objectives and Results Achieved (75% of Overall Rating) Objectives and Results (Employee completes) Write objectives that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART). You and your manager should work together to develop goals, dates for completion, and ways to measure achievement of your objectives. For the mid-year review and year-end review, enter accomplishments for each of your objectives. Objectives that support your team’s business strategies (List 3 to 5) Date to complete Measurement Accomplishment People Year End 2010 o Recognition o Hospitality (internal & external) o SOC Completion o Complaints A people skill is one of my strengths, I always working on developing crew and managers. While I was a Pike I developed Azucena Aviles and Monica Montoya areas such as bun order waste management, Hospitality also I am constantly working on station training shoulder by shoulder with crew and manager to enforce procedures and regulation to met and complain customer satisfaction. Operations/QSC Year End 2010 o Execution of shift mgr absolutes o Unannounced shops/Mystery shops o TTL’s/KVS tracking o Pre shift o Shift critiques o Shift Targets o Food safety o PM completion % When I was in charge of food cost, hiring, training, crew schedule and manager schedule along with truck order I feel that I did every job to a extend but it was never at 100%. But I put my best effort to achieve as much as possible. In t he past half year I have work on develop a whole new kitchen crew that have the urge of time, ttl’s were lower considerately in comparison of other years. I push them to be better and better train, I believe training is the key, so I very focus on training and procedures. Mystery shops in the past were very low but the last 3 months I was there the scores

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