Employment Opportunity and Hrm Essay

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Consumer Behavior * * * * * * * * * * * * * This paper will be looking at some marketing items. It will start by looking at the airline passenger industry and some external factors that affect it. Topics the paper will cover are segmentation, targeting and positing. The paper will briefly go into some major airline market segments, and then look at some target markets for the airlines. The paper will compare a few airlines noting some similarities and differences. Identify key external factors that affect the passenger airline industry and explain how that impact occurs I found several different groupings for external factors. Some articles state there are four others five and even a few with six external forces or factors that face marketing. For the purposes of this paper I like to use the six from KnowThis.com (Know This.com). The external forces listed by that website are Demographics, Economic Conditions, Governmental Environment, Influential Stakeholders Cultural & Societal Change, Innovation and competitors. Some of the key external forces that affect the passenger airline industry are demographics, economic conditions and governmental environment. Demographics are important for an airline because without an idea of potential travelers it would be difficult to project flights and frequency. Without getting too much into the targeting and positioning until later, other factors such as there are less flights to places with less population. More factors like long weekends and attractions. Disney World and other amusement parks could be a factor. The Air Transport Association of America (ATA) states that the economy plays a big role on the airline industry. (Air Transport Association of America , 2008) Economics have a direct impact because when a company is doing better
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