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Introduction For the purpose of week five’s paper, this paper will explain the laws that help out employees in difficult times. While working at a fast food restaurant I experienced the General Manager being racist against people who were not white. He also tried to fire a female due to a difficult pregnancy. This paper will explain the laws that helped her keep her job and how different races are allowed job opportunities despite their color. The Family Medical Leave Act In 1993, Congress approved the Family Medical Leave Act (Cheeseman, 2007). This act allows workers time off for medical emergencies that may arise (Cheeseman, 2007). In order for the act to cover someone, a worker has to work for an employer for a minimum of a year and have achieved more than a total of 1,250 hours of work throughout the preceding 12-month period (Cheeseman, 2007). Some medical reasons that apply to this act are an employee must be giving birth or caring for a newborn child, an employee must have a child (daughter or son) placed in their care by a foster care or adoption service, an employee must have an immediate family member (spouse, son, or daughter) that has a severe medical situation and an employee must be unable to attend work due to a severe medical situation (DOL, 2009). When an employee takes leave due to one of these reason, when returning to work must be placed in the same position with the same pay (Cheeseman, 2009). Family Medical Leave Act and the employee For the purpose of privacy of the company the company will not be named but will only be referred to as the fast-food restaurant. The fast-food restaurant had different managers and most of them were young females. One particular employee had been employed with the company for many years and was an exceptional employee. Her name was Janet and she was a model employee and manager. Janet always maintained

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