Employment Law Paper

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Running Head: EMPLOYMENT LAW PAPER Employment Law Paper Nancy S. Simpkins University of Phoenix BUS / 415 January 13, 2009   Relationships between employee and employer can be described as walking on a thin sheet of ice, very fragile and usually employers prefer his or her employees to be dedicated to his or her job. As for the employee finding a job that would meet his or her needs can be complex. Equal opportunity is important to an employee and is fair management in regard to discrimination based on race, religion, sex, color or nation origin, and leave for family medical emergencies. Important employment laws have been established to control every characteristic of business relationships. No matter what type of relationship an employee-employer has employment conflicts, questions, grievances and lawsuits can arise, as a result, employment law is needed in order to operate a business relationship correctly. “Employment law covers all rights and obligations within the employer-employee relationship -- between employers and current employees, job applicants, or former employees. Because of the complexity of employment relationships and the wide variety of situations that can arise, employment law involves legal issues as diverse as discrimination, wrongful termination, wages and taxation, and workplace safety. Many of these issues are governed by applicable federal and state law. But, where the employment relationship is based on a valid contract entered into by the employer and the employee, state contract law alone may dictate the rights and duties of the parties.” HR, (2008). All employees have rights that include: “privacy”, “fair compensation,” and “freedom from discrimination” An individual has rights before he or she even applies for employment. The most important rights of an employee are: • Privacy • Free from
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