Employment Law - Discrimination Case Study

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Coursework Statement of Originality Statement of Originality Except for those parts in which it is explicitly stated to the contrary, this work is my own. It has not been previously submitted for assessment at this or any other institution. Checklist Please check the following statements are true, tick each box and sign the declaration. |I have included a full bibliography using the Harvard style of referencing |x | |I have provided Harvard style references for all the ideas, empirical evidence and other materials I have used in the |x | |main body of this work | | |I have referenced all passages from my source material |x | |I can make available evidence of originality, including notes, photocopies, drafts, primary data and computer files |x | |I completed this work without any unauthorised help |x | |Student name: Francesca Cull | |Module number: P57102 |Module title: HR in its Business and Legal Context | |Student signature Francesca Cull |Date: 11/07/14 | Extract from the Student Conduct Regulations 1) Students shall comply at all times with the provisions of the Regulations for Candidates taking Assessments. In particular they shall not commit impersonation, collusion, plagiarism, falsification, duplication,

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