Employment Discrimination Toward Felons Essay

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Running head: EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION TOWARD FELONS EMPLOYMENT DISCRIMINATION TOWARD FELONS AMELIA WOODEN EVEREST ONLINE UNIVERSITY According to one estimate, there are currently over 12 million felons in the United States. The Civil Rights Act requires that, where an employment policy of a state, municipal, or private employer that discriminates against criminals will have a disparate racial impact, employers must show a business necessity before automatically disqualifying criminals. Employment Discrimination Toward Felons In today’s society we have over 12 million felons in our employment epidemic. Where do we draw the line when it comes to our economy, our fellow Americans living and job opportunities for those who have criminal backgrounds wanting to make positive changes in their lives? Do we continue to use a past life against the possibility of change and let them suffer because of the choices made or do we give that chance of a life time and let them transition into a more positive life? How do we determine who is fit for employment today?, we the people of today’s workforce should be helping those ex-felons or one’s with a criminal background to transition without judgment giving them a chance to make better choices without falling back into their old habits of criminal activities. According to one estimate there are currently 12 million felons in the United States, which cannot even apply for simple jobs nor certain licenses in many states, as of 1998, seven states absolutely barred felons from public employment. (Thompson and Manza 2000). Other states had more narrow restrictions, for instance, only covering infamous crimes or felonies involving moral turpitude. Some laws have been criticized for being over inclusive;(Ben Geiger July 2006) for instance, a law banning all criminals from working in health care jobs could prevent a person

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