Employment Discrimination Essay

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Employment Discrimination (Appearance, Diversity Training) Leonia Harpe Dr. Dan B. Wait Human Resource Management September 4, 2015 Introduction The age discrimination in employment act (ADEA) is a federal law that came into play in 1967. This act was put into place to keep employers from employing only younger age applicants. The older generation who wants to work should be qualified by their ability and not by their birth date. Many government agencies enforce the employment discrimination laws. Before the age discrimination in employment act of 1967 there was the civil rights act of 1964. This civil rights act stood as the foundation of equal employment laws. They were put into place so that employers did not favor some groups over others so that these regulations will be enforced. For now, we will just cover the discrimination that is affecting the people in the United States Major Concept of Discrimination Most employers now understand the root of civil and political rights when it comes to discrimination. For years, such biases existed among women, black Americans, and Judaism religions to name a few. To date laws have been put in place to stop and punish those that don’t abide by the laws governed against discrimination. To understand the different backgrounds, ages, sexuality, more businesses are leaning more towards diversity training. This training gives insight to cultural awareness, building a better workplace, and it also is the component to the organizational success. Diversity training benefits employees, employers by breaking down barriers set that separate (political, social etc.) and every one can work as a team to accomplish the mission. Basis of the Concept Why is discrimination unethical and against the law? When you treat someone different because they are of a different political background, gender or physical characteristics, those

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