Employment Discrimination Essay

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Period 04 11/02/12 Employment Discrimination Today the United States’ economy is not in a good shape. Number of job available decreased but the demand for it doubled. Hiring people is not that easy anymore. They pulled up the standards and actually made their own requirements. 5 foot 6, thin, blond hair, blue eyes and looks like a 110 pounds model. And no, they won’t be those models in the magazines, they would be the one they call “walking billboards” selling and wearing their brand clothes. Since businesses have their new requirements now, everyone would agree that not everyone would be eligible to work there. What most corporations is dong these days is unfair. We don’t control our physical fate. Therefore I agree with Steven Greenhouse, the author of “Going for a look, but Risking Discrimination” he clearly presented to us that hiring certain people is definitely discrimination and should not continue this is why I disagree with Mr. Cohen’s analysis. We all know the truth that we cannot sell everything by using the physical appearance alone. Marshall Cohen is a senior industry analyst with the NPD Group, which is a market research film. He said “retailers defend the approach based on image as necessary and smart, and the industry expert see the point”. I believe that people should be hired based on their ability and skills and not just because their looks. Stephen T. Ropollo a New Orleans lawyer who represents wide range of businesses said “I tell employers that their main focus needs to be hiring somebody who can get the job done”. If proven that a certain business is hiring by the looks. It would be risky for them because even the lawyers of the businesses would say that they should hire based on the ability and skills of the people so that they won’t get on trouble by the law. I have encountered examples of questionable hiring practices here in our
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