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Employment at Will Angeline Berleus Hodges University MNA 4400 Professor Ron Harbour Date Due: April 4, 2012 Date Submitted: April 4, 2012 Abstract This student has discussed the advantages the employment at will clause has on employees. However, this student believes there have been very little research has been done on the impact of Employment at will clause has had on employers. The question here is how does at will clause impact both employees and employers? This paper will review several researchers touch on the Employment-at-will clause by discussing the reasons employers may choose to terminate their employees. This paper will also discuss how race is related to termination, how employees respond to the termination decision, some situations that may call for dismissal of employment, and highlight important points made in some of the literature that was reviewed. Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 4 History of Employment at will 5 Importance of Employment at will 6 Three Major 7 Conclusion 9 Reflective Analysis 9 Appendix 10 References 12 Introduction What is employment-At-Will? The term employment at will refers to the fact that: Either the employee or the employer may terminate the employment relationship, at any time and for any reason, except a reason specifically prohibited (illegal) under state or federal law. When an employee does not have a written employment contract and the term of employment is of indefinite duration, the employer can terminate the employee for good cause, bad cause, or no cause at all ( Rosenthal,1999, p.16). The employment at will doctrine provides that both the employer and the employee can end the employment relationship at any time without notice or reason. Releasing employees from their work duties without a practical reason is becoming very common in society today. Some

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