Employer Should Hire Fresh Graduates

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Employers should hire more fresh graduates Employers should hire more fresh graduates Every year thousands of students graduating from college and universities, but how many of them will be in their career path? Some find themselves a way to achieve their goal but majority of them struggle to find a place on their field of interest. What is the reason behind unsuccessful graduates? For some students it is lack of knowledge and for others discouragement of employers. Due to existing and experienced employee within the organization and also immoral assumption arises from employers that hesitate to hire fresh graduates. But employers do not realize the beneficial reason behind hiring a graduate. Why employers should hire fresher graduate? There are some reasons why employers should hire more fresh graduates. Beginning with the affordability of fresh graduate, employer benefits the cost of fresh graduates than hiring experienced person. Following with students work environment their ability and adaptability. Their perspectives, each of the students have different thoughts and ideas. Fresh graduates have adequate knowledge in today’s technology. By hiring new graduates, employers can save money by spending less on training, gain new and fresh ideas from different fields and have employees that are adaptable at multitasking while being more technologically savvy. There are some beneficial reasons for employer to hire fresh graduate over an experienced person such as cost of salary and other cost for resources. The opportunity cost, employers should seek the opportunity of student and experienced person by comparing them. The cost of experienced person is higher than a grandaunt. For example if an employer hires an experienced person for $40 he or she can hire a grandaunt for $20. It will show difference in salary expense. According to Monique Jones (2013), “On
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