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Organizational culture plays an important role in the growth and development of an organization and impact organizational performance. Employee have the opportunity to participate in their organizations by using their knowledge and skills. In this article it is explained the relationship between the employee involvement (EI) and organizational productivity (OP) or organizational performance. Power, information, knowledge/skills, and rewards are employee involvement elements will be presented. The authors mentioned behaviors, processes, practices, and attitudes that enable positive change to occur. An example is an active participations are affected parties by vicarious learning, mastery, and participation decision making. It depends on the culture how organizations perform improvement of performance criteria are quality, service, productivity, profitability, efficiency, effectiveness, and risk-taking. Woodman asserts that individuals and work groups may be present and committed to make the technology, task design, structure and strategy work. Employee involvement and organizational commitment play an important role in organizational productivity. The review serves as a preliminary stride to provide a theoretical basis and conceptual framework from which an actual study can be designed. Also the results from the study can be considered for use as organizations strive to promote development and implement cultural changes to increase productivity. Employees are encouraged to use their knowledge, skills, behaviors, making decisions, and commit in an organization. Having a different culture, employees are behaving differently, encounter different options toward their organization at making choices, express their feelings in a different manner, and think differently than others. If the organization decides to go to different countries to expand their business, there

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