Employee Turnover Essay

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High employee turnover, in human resource management, refers to the speed at which employees leave jobs in a company and replaced by new hires. A company is said to have a high employee turnover rate because their employees continually leave or get fired, creating a need to hire more people to fill the open positions. The term “turnover” became known when employees of a business leave and new candidates fill the open position, but later fold or bottom out (Ingram). Although there are a few causes for high employee turnovers throughout businesses today and in the future. Turnovers are caused by numerous explanations. One of the main reasons for a turnover is unhappiness within a job. Nowadays most individuals take a job without knowing if they will like it or do well at it; jobs are too hard to come by in this day and age. Some business employers do not look at work experience or qualifications to see if the candidates qualify for the position, another reason for turnovers. Workers may quit based upon the inability to fulfill the job requirements. Employee/Employer communication is a vital key in any business situation. Fellow employees can be harsh and cruel causing others to feel uncomfortable and wanting to quit. These are just a few explanations for why the high employee turnover rate is high. High employee turnovers seem like a serious problem without any type of solutions. However, it can be controlled even stopped with a few possible solutions (Capko). One way to lower turnovers within the workplace is to hirer the right individuals from the start. One should review the application or resume for the profession to see if they will fulfill the requirements solely from the application or resume. Secondly, an interview should take place. This interview process will help ensure they have the precise skills described. Also, this process will help see if they

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