Employee Training and Career Development Paper

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Employee Training and Career Development Paper John Brown HRM/300 November 24, 2013 Instructor: Robert Lacey IV Employee Training and Career Development Paper | | An organization has a very close connection with the beginner and the trainer because it is the first interaction for both. The request for the preparation in the organization rises when the organization wants: * To hire new individuals – training as a means of training new employees * To Increase – When the company wants to rise its headcount * To increase certain quantity of staff (in position) by a certain date * To improve the performance of workers * Organization's designation to be a part of training division | | | Request for training also rises when there is modification in the nature of job, alteration in taste of consumer, change in approaches of product management, etc. The organization goes over the following steps for the transferal of training to the field. But the problem ascends when the organization contract out of the training process. In this state the organization assumes that the instructor must be responsive of the type of training need s of the members and their group and their content will meet those needs. This leads to disappointment of the program, which fallouts in collusion. Therefore, it's a primary duty of the organization to make the instructor and their organization alert of their culture, climate, responsibilities of organization, etc. | | | Core or essential training is the base of any good growth plan. Core training includes coaching new employees the essentials of their job, such as job responsibilities, how to work employee software, company expectations and both company-wide and departmental goals. Many companies conduct this training for all new employs. Core training aids in getting a new employee off on the right foot, by
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