Employee Retention Essay

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NORTH WEST REGION REPORT – JUNE 2014 CENTRAL EMPLOYEE CONSULTATIVE FORUM 5.1 DISCIPLINARY CASES |WORKPLACE |EMPLOYEE NAME |NATURE OF ALLEDGED OFFENCE |PROGRES REPORT | |N/A |N/A |N/A |N/A | 5.1.3. ACTING POSITIONS |REGION |NAME OF EMPLOYEE ACTING |ORIGINAL POSITION | |Unfair dismissal |Mr. PA. Mokgalagadi |A date for Con-Arb is set for 25/06/2014. | |Alleged unfair conduct- |SAMWU obo Members |The respondent met with the applicant on 26/05/2014 and parties agreed that the latter will meet with | |promotion/demotion/probation/training/benefits. | |members to obtain a new mandate. The employer was prepared to compensate only the current general | | | |workers for three months. | |Alleged unfair dismissal |SAMWU on behalf of M. Segosapelo vs Sedibeng water. |The matter has been referred to Labour Court. Lawyers are formulating a response.

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