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system1.1 What is Employee Relations? Employee Relations (ER) can be defined as the mechanics of the relationship between employer and employee regarding organizational decision-making, grievance handling, conflicts management and collective bargaining. Elements of ER: * Formal/informal employment practices and policies of the organization. * Bargaining structures, recognition and collective agreements that enable the formal system to operate. * Policies and practices for employee voice/communication. * The informal/formal processes which involve interaction/communication with managers, supervisors and employee representatives. * The legal framework. ER is a broader framework which includes employee voice and effective communication within the organization. 1.2 Why is ER important? The purpose of ER is to provide effective, consistent procedures for dealing with ER issues and processes to help improve employee behaviour for dispute resolution. Good ER being practiced by an organization means employees will be well-committed towards the organization; fewer grievances and increased organizational productivity are some of the benefits derived by the organization. Some parties’ involved in ER are the government, trade unions, the management, and employee representatives. 1.3 Case Analysis Approach This study seeks to analyze organizational practices by using theories. These theories will explain why an organization’s processes are the way they are and help in designing an ideal model of how things should happen. After researching on the organization’s current ways, the analysis compared the current way of things to those expressed in internationally-accepted practices, models and theories. 1.4 Argument of Assignment This assignment looks into how ER practices affect organizational performance as a whole. Ineffective ER ultimately leads

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