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Question A. (i) I would inform Colm under the Payment of wages Act 1991 all workers have a right to: * Written statement of wages / deductions ( pay slip ) * Protection from unlawful deductions ( any deduction other than PRSI and tax must be notified, agreed and authorised by the employee ) I would also inform Colm on the Implements 1993 EU directive on working time. This sets out statutory rights for employees in respect of rest, maximum working time, annual leave and public holidays. Colm also needs to know that there is no legal right / requirement to sick pay and / or pension, but if they do exist, details must be given to the employee. As well Colm, under Unfair Dismissals act 1977, you the employer must give an employee details in writing of the procedures that will be used for the purposes of dismissing the employee. You must give this information to the employee within 28 days of commencement. A. (ii) I would advise Colm that anyone who works for an employer for a regular wage or salary, automatically has a contract of employment, whether it is written or not. However, legislation states that employees must receive certain written details within the two months of starting work. So therefore, Colm is in breach of the Terms of Employment (information) Act 1994-2001. Under this legislation Colm is required to provide information to his employees on: * The full names of the employer and employee * The address of the employer in the State or, where appropriate the address of the principal place of the relevant business of the employer in the State or the registered office (within the meaning of the companies Act, 1963) * The place of work or, where there is no fixed or main place of work, a statement specifying that the employee is required or permitted to work at various places * The title of the job or nature of the work

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