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University of Bradford | Employee Relations | “Strikes are no longer a relevant topic for discussion in employee relations because the major causes of conflict have now been removed from the workplace” How realistic is this statement? | | Anam Saleem | 08005370 | Jo Mcbride | Introduction In this essay I will research on various topics to determine how realistic the following statement is and to what extent it holds truth. Topics in discussion will range from broad definition of industrial relations, the nature and causes of strikes and the major causes of conflict. I will research various contexts to determine whether the following statement has some relevance in today’s society. Industrial relations is the creation of order at work also about the rules and regulations and the breakdown of these rules. The main actors in employee relations are the organisation (capital), labour (employee & unions) and the state. Broadly stating employee relations is about “People: people interacting with one another, pursuing objectives, reaching agreements, engaging in co-operative and conflictual behaviour”. (Blyton & Turnball, (2006), pg.7) Rose. E, (2004) states employee relation is the “study of regulations of employment relationship between employer and employees; both collectively and individually also the determination of substantive and procedural issues at industrial, organisational and workforce level”. In other words it is about the rules and regulations that exist within our environment and those which affect us at a collective/individual level. Conflict is said to be natural in employee relations also it is a not only about strikes. Analysing conflict there are three different perspectives to consider. * Plurist – “believe that organisations are composed of a variety of sectional group”. Plurist argue that stable ‘negotiated order

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