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The term Employees Relations is a replacement for the term Industrial Relations. According to Alfred Marshall (a prominent author of 20th centre), Employees are the most valuable in any enterprise (Masshall A 1920). Employees Relations is a study of a relations between employer and employee, may be collectively and also individually according to Ed Rose 3rd editions. Different authors expressed there views about Employees Relations such as according to Paul Edwards, The Employees Relations has 2 parts Market relations and managerial relations (Flander 1974), were the market relations as a set of price of a product and as well as the numbers of hours of work involved managerial relations is the relation which defines how the process is going to take place and also it determine how much of work should be done at the précised time. state Employer Employment employee Relationship employee representatives Figure 1.1 The employment relationship So generally we can say the Employees Relations is a study of human relations between the organisation and the employee. Employees are not only a matter of description but also a prescription. The reason prescription is important because with the prescription the Government and the policy makers, track Union, TUC (Trade Union Congress) and CBI (Confederation of British Industry) makes a statement of policy which seek the prescribed remedies to solve problem or recommend a possible

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