Employee Privacy Problems

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There are many question’s asked today by employee’s about their privacy at the workplace. With today’s technology, employers are able to monitor their employee’s every move. Such as being able to view employee’s e-mail or Internet surfing and also telephone use. But the main concern that employee’s have is how far can an employer go into their privacy? Yes, there are law’s set just for this problem, but there is also way’s an employer can get around those law’s. It is still wrong though for an employer to barge into an employee’s privacy, even if the employee is using the workplace computer or phone for his or her own personal reasons. It is hard to find any privacy in a workplace, no matter what you may do or where you may go. There is one big concern in a workplace and that is an employee’s privacy. Most companies today monitor their employee’s, from computer usage to personal phone calls. Today there are many ways for an employer to monitor their employee’s with a computer. With the technology advancing employer’s can monitor about everything with-in a workplace. Employer’s can monitor an employee’s online activities and also their e-mail. All of these are just an example of how an employer invades an employee’s privacy. Honestly, it is none of the employer’s business to know about an employee’s e-mail conversations or their phone conversations. Most of the time it is harmless conversations between family or friends. How is that a crime? The question about how far can an employer go into an employee privacy, is just one of the many questions asked about workplace monitoring. An employer has every right to view or hear anything that happens with in a workplace as long as their employee’s know about the monitoring. An employee can monitor the use of a computer keyboard, use of telephones and internet use, these are just a few examples of what all an

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