Employee Portfolio Essay

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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan Kimberly R. Kelly MGT/311 March 21, 2013 Karen Abron ------------------------------------------------- University of Phoenix Material Employee Portfolio Complete one matrix for each employee. Employee name: Hattie Kelly_________________________ Self Assessment | Results Summary | Strengths | Weaknesses | How Satisfied Am I with My Job? | 83) Overall Job Satisfaction | Working with others | Not looking for advancement in your current job. | Am I Engaged? | 24) You have a high E | Works well with others and is a bale to adapt to many situations. | May become to involved in personal affairs of co-workers | How Are You Feeling Right Now? | 35) Well balanced emotional state | Displays positive emotions | | What’s My Affect Intensity? | 40) High emotional intensity | | May have the tendency to be too emotional at times | What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score? | 41) High emotional intelligence | Strongly aware of feelings and changes. Aware of others feelings | | Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker? | 27) | Quickly makes decisions | Needs to put more thought into important decisions. | Management recommendations: How might these three employees’ characteristics affect the performance of the organization? You have many traits that allow you to work well with others. Personality is on e of the main factors in job performance (Robbins & Judge, 2011). You personality allows you not only to have a clear view of your own emotions; you are also able to assess the emotions of you co-workers. These abilities and traits will make you job easier and help motivate others. Those with positive personalities encourage others to be positive and create a pleasant work environment (Pearson-Prentice Hall, 2013). Completing the additional assessments will give you more insight on your own personality
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