Employee Motivation: Role in Modern Management. Essay

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EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION: ROLE IN MODERN MANAGEMENT. References Chopra, s. (2002) motivation in management. New Delhi, India: Sarup & Sons. Evans, M.G (1986).Organization behavior: The central role of motivation. Journal of management, 12(2), 203-222 Shah, S. (2013, August 12) How to motivate Employees. Wall street journal Frey, B.S., & Osterloh, M. (2002).Successful Management by motivation: Balancing Intrinsic and extrinsic intensives. Berlin, Springer –Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Shields. (2001). Managing employee performance And reward Cambridge United Kingdom: Cambridge university press Maddock, R. C, & Fulton R.L (1998) Motivation, emotions, and leadership: The silent side of management. Westport, CT: Quorum Books Hiam, A. (2003).motivational management inspiring your people For maximum performance New York Lipman, v. (2013, May 18).5 ways to motivate and demonstrate Employees retrieved from Http:// www. Forbes.com/ Victorlipman/5/3/13-Easy ways to motivate and demotivate employees Motivation can be termed as the process of indoctrinating employees with unity of purpose and the need to maintain harmonious relationship among them. There are several forms of motivation which seek to make an employee willing to work. In addition it increases an employee’s performance output, which increases the organization’s turnover. In this Line, motivation plays a vital role in an organization’s management. Therefore management needs to improve their motivational skills to realize its benefits within the organization. A manager’s task is also to ensure that employees deliver on the organization’s objectives and motivated employees have a higher likelihood of performing

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