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Employee Motivation: Role in Modern Management Student’s Name: University Affiliation: Employee Motivation: Role in Modern Management The concept of employee motivation is tantamount to the success and efficiency of the daily operations in any business organization. It is so vital that it can tell apart an excellent firm from an average one. Motivation is responsible for dictating individual characteristics to elicit a particular behavioral trait that directly impacts on the way various outlined and set out activities are carried out. In this way, the stipulated goals, mission and vision of a business entity can be achieved and gain a competitive edge among rivals. Continued motivation of employees guarantees their satisfaction, thus exuding a lot of positivity in the attitudes they portray towards the various duties that they are delegated (Korzynski, 2013). As a result, the level of work output is bound to improve. Management strategies employed must therefore unravel the things needed to keep their staffs motivated and working in harness towards the organizational objectives. According to Fernet, Austin and Vallerand (2012), motivation obligates the human resources to constantly discharge their duties; making available all the finances needed to realize the objectives spelt out in the business plan. In the process, the degree of efficiency of the workers is inevitably bound to be raised. Employees who are motivated have improved work inputs; bridging the gap in their qualifications and the willful power of indulgence in the organizational activities; ascertaining they will remain as goal oriented as ever. The use of resources is thus very reasonable; cutting down on wastage. This reduced turnover of workers improves outputs and lowers the cost of running the business activities.

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