Employee Motivation Essay

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| |2010 | | |20/04/2010 | | | | | |MBA2 Marketing | | |0030ROMR0209 | | |ANH NGUYEN KIM NGOC | |EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION assignment | |This report covers the contents of one of the most significant and challenge aspects of HRM science_ employee motivation with analysis of| |the various approaches that emphasize the performance pay approach and a package of practical solutions. It will concentrate on define | |the concepts and theories of motivation as well as the valuable experiences of performance-pay motivation types based on the past | |experienced models and withdraw the general application for this very popular motivation approach. | INTRODUCTION Globalization has been creating the more fiercely and tricky competitive business environments for both the domestic entrepreneurs and the global giant corporations over the world. The competitive pressures has required the non-stop improvement of productivity, quality, speed, etc in each organization model in order to add more new values into the value chain of that particular organization. It is an evident truth that the active, professional, skillful and committed membership staff of an organization is the core work-power of setting the successful improvements of all of aspects of work. A statistic of PricewaterhouseCoopers journal reflected a proportion of 49% of CEO believed that the roof of growth limitation of a

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