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Employee Monitoring Essay

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Employee Monitoring:
How much is too much?

Kelly Murphy

Among the many things that people need to be concerned with, a big deal for some is employee monitoring in the workplace. Examples of employee monitoring include but are not limited to: online monitoring, phone monitoring and email monitoring. This practice is used throughout the United States at some companies. While some employees feel this is an invasion of privacy, others don’t mind either way. There are several ways that companies accomplish the monitoring of their employees, for example: key stroke recognition on their employees’ keyboards, recording of phone calls, blocking and checking the history for their internet provider and manually reading every email sent and received from the employees’ computer.
There is an article that states that the FDA used “sophisticated spying software that can record everything an employee does at his workstation.” (Johnson, 2012) With the use of this information not only was the FDA capturing the information that it was originally seeking, but it was also capturing the personal and private information of its employees. “Eventually, some 80,000 pages of information FDA collected on some employees ended up in the possession of a contractor — Quality Associates Inc. of Fulton, Md. — which posted the information online.” (Johnson, 2012) This is a perfect example of the companies we work for having much power over the people that work for them. Although I understand the need for checking up on your employees’ productivity levels to ensure that they are doing what needs to be done, I also think that keystroke monitoring is an invasion of people’s privacy. The information that was posted online is definitely an invasion of the employees’ privacy, it took all of their information that was stored, like bank account numbers, private emails and anything else that no one needs to see and showed it to the entire world. There is a case that is still...

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