Employee Declaration Essay

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Employee Safety Declaration | Company Name: | Unit | Discipline: | Immediate Supervisor Name | Construction Manager Name: | Date: | AGREEMENT By accepting my employment on this project, I declare that I am fully aware and capable of performing the duties and responsibilities of my position safely and understand that safety is a prime responsibility and conditions of my employment. I agree to undertake the following: 1. Work safely at all times 2. Obey the rules, regulations and safety instruction given to me on this project 3. Use all safety equipment and tools properly and safely 4. Attend all scheduled safety training sessions 5. Help to achieve the project safety goals and objectives 6. Provide information to supervision for improving project safety conditions 7. Immediate report unsafe conditions to my supervisor and or safety representative and correct them which I am trained and capable of. 8. Be involved in the safety of all Project staffs and crew members. My guidance and benefit of my experience will be appreciated. 9. Ensure I have sufficient and safe working knowledge of all tools and equipment before operating them. 10. Discuss any assignments that I feel are unsafe with my supervisor. If I am not convinced that I have been requested to perform a task in a safe manner, then use the open –door policy .Discuss the issue with the next Project Safety staff until I am satisfied that the assignment or work procedure is safe. I will be subjected to disciplinary action by my authorized individuals for committing unsafe acts, which may include termination of employment. Taking chances or risks concerning safety will not be tolerated. UNSAFE ACTIVITIES ARE PROHIBITED I will not forget that I am part of the commitment to safety policy and the safety Programme is for every one! Should I disregard or fail to abide

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