Employee and Labor Relations Essay

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Employee handbooks are something that most organizations have; and really does not matter the size of the organization. For the most part organizations have the same basic guidelines in them and then you have guidelines that are specific for each individual organization. You have a lot of organizations that make what is in the handbook a contract, basically they have you read and sign it. Therefore by signing it you acknowledge that you have read and understood the handbook. By doing so you have a lot of organizations that take it as a contract between the employee and employer. So you have some employees being let go resulting from the fact they violated something within the handbook; then they dispute it to make it into a legal matter for being let go for no cause. Both sides have good reason for being for or against it; employees think it is illegal and employers feel as though it is legal and that it is what makes up their company. When it comes down to it what makes the handbook valid like a contract, legal consequences for an employer to discharge an employee, and what should be in the handbook.. When it comes to the employee handbooks also acting as a contract a lot of employees do not feel as though it is legal and a binding contract. Then sometimes you have organizations that do not consult with their legal department to ensure that it is valid. Employers need to ensure that vital steps are taken first to ensure that they can use the handbook as a contract. In order to ensure that employees understand that the handbook is also a contract it must be the following: “an agreement from both sides involved, the employee must understand the terms and what the ramifications are, consideration is that both parties exchange something of value, but it does not have to include money, needs to be something legal, and both parties must have the capacity to

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