Employability and Personal Skills

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MARGETB JOBE 45230251 Unit 2 Business Resources Task 3 AN EXPLANATION OF THE SKILLS REQUIRED FROM CANDIDATES APPLYING FOR A JOB ROLE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE ADVISOR IN MORRISON’S This should include: * 1. EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS 2. PERSONAL SKILLS EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS refer to the ability to obtain employment, stay in employment and be able to make informed choices as you progress through your career. Recruiters assess your employability by looking for evidence of skills during the selection process. There are many skills and qualifications needed when applying for the job role of Customer Service Advisor. Employers will tend to look for how presentable the employee is (well dressed), if they can communicate clearly and if they are able to get on well with existing employees. They will also need to have skills and qualifications which are relevant to the job being applied for. The employer will want to see that the skills of the potential recruit meet the demands of the job and will benefit the business. If the skills they have are what are needed for the job then they will be in a good position to be selected for the job. Employers need to see in a CV and application form, exam certificates, in an interview and perhaps in a test that the employee has the qualifications and training to carry out the work to the required level. Being able to show that you have relevant previous experience and knowledge of products or services is also very helpful. In every job you will need good communication skills. You must be able to communicate well with staff and this also includes communicating with other businesses and organisations, or perhaps with the members of the public. This will include face to face encounters, over the phone, e-mails and letters among other formats. Good communication skills will enable you to understand, and be clearly understood by other

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