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The novel Empire Falls by Richard Russo deals with the various forces that shape our destinies. It is our destiny that makes us who and what we are, and it is very hard to change. We have little control over our own destinies. This is shown by two characters in the novel, C.B. Whiting and Miles Roby. C.B. Whiting or Charles Whiting was born into the wealthy Whiting family. The Whitings were one of the wealthiest families in Maine who made their fortune from a successful shirt factory and textile mill. The Whitings owned and controlled most of empire falls. It was C.B.’s birthright to run the factory and mill as his family had done so for many generations. C.B. did not want to run the factory and mill as his father and grandfathers had done. So after…show more content…
Miles has lived in Empire Falls all of his life. He got good grades in school and planned to leave empire falls and his destiny behind by going to college and then starting a career. It was Mile’s mother’s dream and his own, for him to leave empire falls but it was destiny’s plan for miles to stay. Miles dropped out from college and took his old job at the empire grill to support his mother after she got sick. After she died miles did not go back to school and stayed at the empire grill. Miles stayed at the grill for twenty years. Only until the end of the novel did miles stop working at the Empire Grill and by then it was too late for miles to change his destiny. He did not go to college and he did not leave empire falls. It was Mile’s destiny to stay in Empire Falls. Both Miles and C.B. Whiting were trapped in their roles by destiny and had little power to change it. Both characters in the novel are helpless pawns in some giant cosmic game. One may think they have the power to change their own destiny but whether they realize it or not fate has your life planned out for you. It may be possible to change ones destiny but is extremely hard to do

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