Empathy Task WW2

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Empathy task Dear Precious Henrietta October 30th 1916 You know, the Somme would be so beautiful if the people of this world would calm down and enjoyed life. I miss you terribly, and each day gets harder. The bomb shells destroy our tiny trenches and it’s nearly unbearable. Each day there is another tragedy, another death and even more causalities. We can’t complain because we can’t do anything about it. I meet soldiers who miss their family just as much as I do and fear everyday may be there last. They try to kill us but we do the same, so we might get through another day. I’m very fortunate. I’m one of the few soldiers who hasn’t suffered from disease or injury. My friend Mark that I’ve been telling you about suffered trench foot. His foot will be amputated tomorrow, and chances are he’ll die just like everyone else will. The duck boards are useless. They say they help but I don’t see how, we stand in freezing water and mud everyday. I’ve been wearing my gas mask everyday, just so we don’t suffer. We must take every precaution so that when it’s all over I may see you again in the near distant future. So many people die our sergeant was informed that we had sustained 60 000 causalities on the first day. I am so lucky and that’s all it is luck. At the moment it’s half way through autumn. It’s so cold and wet, but the sun is so hot and dry. Our uniform makes us warmer which helps us through the cold. Through the summer it’s even worse. Either way it’s unbearable. We have no fresh water left, so some of us drink from the river. Its makes us sick but it’s all we have. I eat what I’m given because at least I’ve got something. I try to be positive for the other deeply depressed soldiers. We get shot and bombed everyday and we have learnt to live like this. The smell of the bodies is a constant stench. We have to walk and sit on top of the dead
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