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Emotions are and have been studied for as long as the human brain has been conidered. Emotions of a person can be said to be a window or a passage of what a person is feeling or what they are going through. There are several biopsychology theories of emotions: Darwin, James-Lange, Cannon-Bard, and Limbic System. According to Pinel, J (2011), “Darwin believed that expressions of emotions, like other behaviors, are products of evolution” (Pinel, J. 2011. p. 444). In interspecies comparison, Darwin developed a theory of the evolution of emotion. Three main ideas of this theory are: 1) the emotion evolve from behaviors that will show what the animal will do next. 2) The animals will evolve in ways that would enhance their communicative functions. 3) Opposite messages are often signaled by opposite movements and postures. (Pinel, J. 2011). The James-Lange theory suggests that “the autonomic and somatic responders trigger the experiences of emotions in the brain” (Pinel, J. 2011. p. 444). However, the Cannon-Bard says “emotions stimuli have two indent excitatory effects: they excite both the feeling of emotions in the brain and the expressions of emotion in the autonomic and somatic nervous system” (Pinel, J. 2011. p. 444). Both theories failed to find support that lead to the modern bio psychological view. Which that each of the three factors in an emotional response – the perception of emotion-inducing stimulus, the autonomic and somatic responses and the experiences of the emotion – can influence the others. The Limbic system ways proposed that “emotional states are expressed through the actions of the other structures of the circuit on the hypothalamus and they expressed through their actions on the cortex” (Pinel, J. 2011. p. 446). The Limbic system is home to emotions, motivations, and the regulations of memories. This is part of the brain is what is

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