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Emotions play an important role in the well-being of a person. Emotions are a natural state of mind that a person has from different moods, circumstances, and relationships with others. These emotions will arise spontaneously and may accompany a change in motivation for behavior. Emotions will motivate a person to act, look, and feel a certain way. Scientists have studied how emotions work, how they may cause motivation for behavior and also how to uncover the emotions in others . James-Lange Theory of Emotion The James-Lange theory is a theory that was studied and reinforced by William James, who is a psychologist, and Carl Lange, who is a physiologist. Although they both came up with the same conclusion on emotions, they concluded their findings separately. Their findings would, of course, lead to a common theory on emotions. The theory is based around the idea that our emotions occur as a result of different physiological reactions to exterior events and factors . When we physically witness an event occur, our immediate reaction is physical reaction, followed by an emotion. With anything that happens, we follow the event with an emotion, or multiple emotions. These emotions would be a result of the physical reaction we are to have to the event that is occurring. The James-Lange theory proposes that our emotions would correspond with a physical reaction to an event being witnessed. (Cannon, 1927 ) Suppose you are walking down the road, through your neighborhood. As you are walking, you turn the corner and notice there is a house on fire. Your breathing may change, and your heart rate may accelerate. As a result, you may feel frightened, and alarmed. The James-Lange theory suggests that you feel these emotions because the sight of the burning house caused your body to react. You saw the burning house, your heart rate and breathing sped up, therefore you

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