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Emotions Darwin believed that expressions of emotion are products of evolution. Darwin’s theory of emotions evolves from our behaviors that show what we will do next. These signals enhance communication functions. Opposite messages are shown by opposite ways we move, thesis known as the principle of antithesis. Lange theory is the theory that emotions induce sensory stimuli are received and interpreted by the cortex that triggers changes in the visceral organs via the autonomic nervous system and the skeletal muscles via the somatic nervous system. Example one sees a bear, they have a physiological reaction that brings the feeling of fear. The James Lang theory reversed the common sense way of thinking about casual relationship between emotion and its expression. He believed that autonomic activity and behavior are triggered by the emotional event that produces the feeling of the emotion. Cannon-Bard theory of emotion stimuli has two separate effects. Emotions excite both the feelings of emotions in the bran and the expression of emotion in the autonomic and somatic nervous systems. James-Lang believes emotional experience and emotional expressions are parallel processes that have no direct relationship. Person sees a bear and at the same time they have the feeling of fear and a physiological reaction. The limbic system and emotion is the proposal that emotional expression is controlled by several interconnected nuclei and tracts that ring the thalamus. The limbic system is the key circuit structure, the amygdale, mammillary body, hippocampus, fornix, cortex of the cingulate gyrus, septum, olfactory bulb and they hypothalamus. Papez (1937) suggested that emotional states are expressed through the action of the other structures of the circuit on the hypothalamus and that they are experienced through their action on the

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