Emotional Labor and Disc Assessment Essay

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Running Head: EMOTIONAL LABOR AND DISC ASSESSMENT Relationship Between Emotional Labor and DISC Personality Assessment Zeynep Diniz Istanbul Bilgi University Abstract Emotional labor has been a widely studied subject throughout the years in organizations with a number of factors investigating the effects between each other. Individual differences, even though their proven some affect either directly or indirectly on the performance of emotional labor, has not been one of the major research topics in this area. In this study, I will aim to analyze whether there is any relationship between emotional labor strategies and the personality assessed through DISC Profile which has been used in a number of organizations in the world. Future researches should be practiced to be able to generalize the results. Introduction Emotional Labor: According to Hochschild (1983), emotional labor is “the management of feeling to create a publicly observable facial and bodily display” (p. 7), with the focus on showing the appropriate emotions that organizations desired. Emotional labor can be described as any effort by employees to display behaviors expected by their employer and/or customers that may conflict with their own emotional state (Morris & Feldman 1996). Emotional labor researchers have identified two such strategies (Grandey, 2000; Hochschild, 1983). • Surface acting involves engaging in a superficial display of the normative emotion without making any effort to change what one is actually feeling. • Deep acting, on the other hand, consists of trying to modify felt emotions in order to bring both behavior and internal experience into alignment with expected displays. Surface Acting and Deep Acting: Surface acting refers to the management of the external emotional expression without changing inner feelings. Based on Gross’s emotional

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