Emotional Intelligence Essay

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Emotional Intelligence: The New Measure of Success Each individual uses a unique set of cognitive skills when processing complex information. Intelligence is a very old concept and while intelligence has been the most consistent factor in determining career success, its definition now includes emotional intelligence. It was Howard Gardner, who came up with the concept of multiple intelligences that encompass several capabilities such as reasoning, planning, solving problems, comprehending, learning, etc (1983). Two of these many different intelligences are emotional which determines how an individual perceives and controls emotions or academic which determines how intelligent an individual is. Studies show that when evaluating success, there is no doubt that both emotional and academic intelligence play an important part, however emotional intelligence is critical to ones personal success and growth in a career. This is evident as more and more companies are emphasizing on emotional intelligence training. The field of emotional intelligence is of particular importance to human resources hiring managers because researchers have shown that there is a correlation between success in business and higher emotional intelligence scores (Chopra & Kanji, 2010). Academic intelligence can be evaluated with the help of tests that measure an individuals math reasoning and language skills, these tests then come up with an intelligence quotient which states how intelligent the individual is. This kind of intelligence is may be something an individual is born with or may be acquired through learning. Academic intelligence therefore is exhibited through logic, reasoning, planning, learning, thinking and problem solving. Howard Gardner, within his theory of multiple intelligences, considers academic intelligence often to consider only aspects of linguistic, logical and spatial

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