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OVERVIEW OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE 1.1 INTRODUCTION:- Emotional Intelligence, a term that is not always welcomed by managers at workplaces considering the fact that the business world has become extremely competitive it cannot be considered wrong as well. Most of the managers believe that emotions should be left “at home” as they are expressed to be obstacles on the road to effectiveness in an employee’s life. They prefer basing all their team strategies and performance on the basis of only “cold” and logical facts and figures. Over the time researches show that emotional intelligence is not a very new subject that has risen in the business world but it has been existed since quite some time now. Only that it has not been given much attention until today. Most of the best talents in organizations leave them due to the fact that they are not given much attention that they require these call in for recognition, acknowledgement etc. Though words with a similar meaning but preserve a lot of importance in an employee’s professional life. There are numerous ways of defining Emotional Intelligence, different researchers, psychologists, scientists have described it differently which we will see ahead but for now let’s just keep it simple and say that emotional intelligence is; “It is the ability to be aware of your emotions, the emotions of others and then use that knowledge to help manage the expression of emotions so that they foster success instead of causing road blocks” Emotional intelligence combines the competencies that allow a person to be aware, understand and control one’s emotions. But these competencies also include those that allow a person to understand and respect the emotions of others in order to foster success not only for oneself but for others as well. Those people who possess high levels of EI are able to understand the physical, mental and

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