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How Can Emotional Intelligence Benefit Educators? Aaron Penn Bryant & Stratton College Dr. Gettle March 1, 2014 How Can Emotional Intelligence Benefit Educators? One of the most well understood aspects of applied emotional intelligence is the relationship it plays in the success of leadership in an organizational setting (Mandell & Pherwani, 2003). While there are no lack of books, seminars and training systems designed to grow effective leaders, current academic researchers in this field have separated leadership styles into two categories, transformational and transactional; with transformational leadership relating to Emotional Intelligence or EQ, and transactional leadership relating to Intelligence Quotient or IQ (Bass & Avolio, 1994). Studies clearly show that high performing leaders in organizational settings have mastered not only the technical aspects of their job requirements but also emotional intelligence (Mandell & Pherwani, 2003). The objective of this paper is to discuss how might the skills of these high performing and effective leaders in organizational settings be transferred to the student-teacher relationship by understanding emotional intelligence, considering why emotional intelligence would be effective in a classroom environment and how mastering emotional intelligence by educators could benefit overall student performance. Emotional intelligence is the ability and capacity within a person to clearly perceive emotions in others, understand your own emotions and emotions in others around you, and to manage and to use emotion rather than emotion using you (Sparrow & Knight, 2006). Emotional intelligence benefits interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills, adaptability, stress management and overall good mood (Seema, 2012 p.18 ¶6). Daniel Goleman’s model of Emotional Intelligence views emotional intelligence (EQ)

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