Emotional Connection To Impressionism

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Over the course of learning about the different modernist movements, I have found that I connect in an immense way with impressionism. The movement exemplifies the way I would like to believe the world is. In impressionistic paintings, artists hardly ever use black coloring. I suppose that this draws me to impressionism because I want to be able to see the world as full of light; see it optimistically. I think the idea that you can use colors to describe shadow versus using black or gray is a metaphor people should live by. In life, it is natural for things to become difficult, but if you view your life as full of color and vibrancy during rough times instead of as bleak and gray, then things become infinitely more beautiful. Likewise, impressionist paintings are filled with light. Light, to me, is a symbol of beauty and happiness. If humans based their lives on light like impressionists did in their paintings, then perhaps the world would be a better place. Impressionists never mixed colors in their paintings. All of their colors were pure on the canvas, and they ‘mixed’ in the viewers eyes. This is, perhaps, one of my favorite ideas about impressionism. It seems to me that this simple idea exemplifies humanity. Humans are all made up of individual ‘colors’ that mix together in different ways depending on how a person perceives us. The best part about it is, is that you can appreciate a human up close for their individual traits and colors, or you can appreciate the big picture that the individual brush strokes of their personality come together to form. Finally, I love the way that impressionism portrays the beauty of an instant. In all honesty, it’s how I want my life to be portrayed. I’m only going to exist for a moment on this earth, and seeing other things that only last a moment in these paintings inspires me. If one moment can be made eternally beautiful,

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