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Attraction You are standing around at a social event, and you glance across the room and see someone that makes your knees weaken. You get up the nerve to walk across the room and talk to the beauty that caught your eye in an instant. This is romantic attraction, infatuation, “falling in love.” You both seem quite compatible with one another. It must be love at first sight, right? Sorry to disappoint, but this thought is wrong because all that merely happened is you had a strong physical attraction. This is the first step, but if you want the relationship to go farther you both have to have a romantic attraction in order for the relationship to work. Physical Attraction, or sexual attraction, is something that controls our lives, because it is the first thing that attracts a one to another (Hicks, 10). This being true, physical attraction it is not the most important thing in the mating process. Romantic attraction is what makes a relationship thrive. Most people care more about Physical attraction due to the fact that they have some element of control over their physical looks, but it is really difficult to change how compatible a person is with a potential mate or to force romantic attraction. A person can always alter how they look by loosing weight, changing their hair, or dressing differently, but a person cannot will himself to be more romantically attractive towards another person. Most people can say that they think about being attractive or the attraction of others, whether consciously or subconsciously, on a daily basis. In a questionnaire conducted involving twenty college students from The University of Northern Colorado, sixteen out of the twenty students said that they spend between fifteen and thirty minuets getting ready in the morning alone. When asked why it takes so long to get ready in the morning, one student simply stated, “You

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