Emotional and Psychological Problems in Adolescence

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EMOTIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGOCAL PROBLEMS IN ADOLESCENCE Introduction Most teenagers experience difficulties with their adolescent's behavior. Some teens bloom early and some bloom late, each with a different psychological challenge. Adolescents of this age group may experience a great deal of ambivalence and conflict, often blaming the outside world for their discomfort. As they struggle to develop their own identity, dependence upon parents gives way to a new dependence upon peers. The adolescent struggles to avoid dependence and may belittle or devalue their parents and past attachments. These early teens often find a new ego ideal that leads to idealization of sports figures or entertainers. Adolescents at this stage are particularly vulnerable to people they would love to emulate. Emotional and psychological issues that teenagers face include sensitivity, narcissism, sexuality problems, alienation and loneliness and complication in physical health. Some of these issues may be due to deep emotional scars of rejection, abuse (emotional or sexual) as children, lack of love, abandonment, absence of balanced role models (in parents), lack of moral guidance, etc. A self-directed behavioral family intervention with minimal therapist contact may be an effective early intervention for adolescent problems. Emotional sensitivity As a youngster, you will be managing ample of emotional highs and lows. One minute you may feel nice, successive you are feeling unhappy and tearful. This type of shift in your moods is okay! Your life is dynamic, rather like your body. These mood swings aren't simply hormones – you will be feeling lots additional pressure of late, and you're still developing the talents you would like to manage that pressure. You will be facing supplementary responsibilities reception, harder grading policies at school, and your friends is also dynamic. As you

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