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EMOTION Science now shows us that one of the keys to a balanced social life is learning to manage emotions and not deny them. For example if a person's emotions are graphed over one day, we would see that they are constantly changing; colorful, complex, varied and fluid, this are some of the words that psychologists use to describe them. Is not easy to say where they come from and what they do. In this essay I’ll set a series of things related to the emotions. We will also see universal emotions such as: joy, ire, anger, fear, surprise, and sadness. When we talk about emotion in psychology is defined as the feeling or perception of the elements and relationships of the reality or imagination that physically expressed by some physiological function like facial reactions, heartbeat, and includes behavioral reactions such as aggression or crying. What Are Emotions? Emotions seem to rule our daily lives. We make decisions based on whether we are happy, angry, sad, bored, or frustrated. We choose activities and hobbies based on the emotions they incite. The description of emotions such as almost all the concepts related to human behavior and cognition is subject to assessment from two naturally opposing views, namely: Idealistic conception: This is based on the conception of an infinitely complex universe which absolute understanding is only in the hands of a Supreme Being and Ideal. Materialistic conception: It describes universal phenomena, including those that explain the human condition, as a logical consequence of the initial, elementary and simplified configuration of a universe, which initially was full of energy. Idealists regard emotions as a divine legacy whose origin is unclear inspired by human mind. Emotions are invisible moods dictate the rules of social and individual behavior and prevent the harmful or beneficial effects of our actions and

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