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Darwin’s theory is the facial emotions that people display which follow with a certain behavior. He compared it to other species and those emotions usually will determine their behavior and their moves next. Same with Human beings, when we have the facial expression of anger than mostly likely our behavior will be angry attitudes toward others or object which can lead to aggression. He sees it as human beings and other species evolving and adapting to their emotions and their actions. James- Lange theory describes emotion as a stimulus which consists of autonomic and somatic nervous system which is a way that we experience emotion. The text book uses the bear example which talks about when we see a bear we have the perception of the bear as threatening than we fear the bear, we use our common sense which tells us we should run from the bear. James- Lang’s theory talks how the perception of the bear is the first cycle of common sense than the physiological reaction than come the feeling of fear created by the bear which is the feedback we would get from out autonomic and somatic nervous system. Cannon- Bard’s theory is based on the states at which we feel feelings such as sweating, muscle tension, and trembling which comes on quick especially when we feel fear. This results when the Thalamus sends messages of emotion to the brain which brings on the stages of emotion, an example would be if someone was terrified of spiders and they see a spider they become scared which they may begin to tremble or begin panicking. The Limbic system theory is based on that emotions that are passed through out Thalamus also pass through the Limbic system of the cortex. When we feel an emotion it is passed through our Thalamus and our limbic system to which than we are able to experience those type of

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