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How do our emotions affect our daily lives?Talking about emotions,we all get caught up in letting it all hang out there.If we feel an injustice has been done to us,our emotion of anger rises up.Our first thought is to strike back.This is a one dimensional response which might not always be effective in this day and age. We need a multidimensional response to our emotional triggers.In order to do his we need to understand how our emotions influence our actions.According to Dr Paul D Maclean, a brain researcher we have a triune brain.The first brain or the reptilian brain is an expansion of the upper brain stem and contains neural mechanisms for basic survival .The second brain is the limbic system deals with our emotional feelings and guides behavior.The third brain is the cerebral cortex which is most developed in humans which can analyze problems and determine our overall response and behavior. The part of the limbic system that attaches emotional significance to the information we receive is the amgydala.When sensory information gets to the amgydala through sights and sounds ,it may either lead to an immediate response or be followed by a delayed response that is modified by cerebral input. People are too emotional when their amygdala response is much stronger than their cerebral cortex ability to provide a more accurate and rational response.Yet according to Joseph LeDoux,a neuroscientist,these basic emotional triggers remain locked in the amygdala so that at such times people are unable to explain their strong emotional response. One of the reasons this occurs is that as babies the part of our cortex that can modify emotional responses are not mature till 18 to 36 months.This is a number of months after the amygdala has been actively functional.This is one of the reasons why babies are subject to frequent and uncontrollable emotional outbursts.The terrible twos.

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