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Analysis Paper Civil Rights and Vietnam were both tough times for America. The Civil Rights movements were tearing the south apart. On the other hand, our country was fighting a bigger harder battle outside the country in Vietnam. This paper will discuss the story of Emmett Till and what drove Milam and Bryant to murder the young man. Also, the decisions and reactions of Lyndon B. Johnson during a year span of 1964-1965. On August 28th, 1955 Emmett Till was kidnapped by Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam. The two men beat Emmett and then shot him in the head killing him. The reason behind the kidnapping and brutal murder was can simply be described as fear. It was unheard of for a black man to whistle at a white woman without getting beaten for it. Basically, Bryant and Milam felt that they had no choice but to do what they did. This means that if they were to let Till get away with whistling at Carolyn Bryant, they would be considered cowards among everyone they know. So not only…show more content…
The biggest type of power used to fight theses fears had to be physical abuse. Blacks were beaten especially during the Civil Rights Movements. An example of this would be when sit-ins began. Store owners didn’t mind blacks sitting at the counter they just would not serve them. White high school students learned of these sit-ins and decided it was up to them to stop them so they beat the black students who were then arrested for disorderly conduct. Freedom rides also attracted lots of negative attention from white students causing more beatings that went unpunished. Another form of power implemented by whites was the Ku Klux Klan. This group of white men used violence to strike fear in blacks. Also, they burned crosses and even lynched blacks in order to try and maintain control. A majority of the black population was not registered to vote due to fear of being lynched. Lynching was quite common during the time of the Civil Rights Movements and was often a public

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